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Make the Perfect Choice for your Below-Knee Amputation Procedures

Rooke® Below-Knee Rigid Protector for Hospitals and Clinics

Rooke BK Rigid Protector
Rooke BK Rigid Protector

Adjustable for a variety of limb sizes

The Rooke® Below-Knee Rigid Protector with Soft Interface amputee residual limb protector is a perfect choice for immediate use after a below-knee amputation. It maintains the limb in a very secure, yet neutral, extended position to reduce the risk of flexion contracture. It incorporates stable foam protection throughout for reduced risk of injury resulting from a fall. It is also contoured behind the knee for additional support.

The Rooke® Rigid Protector is also adjustable for a variety of limb sizes.

The Rooke BK Rigid Protector helps to:

Special features include:


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