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Surround and Insulate Your Patients’ Feet, Heels and Calves to Protect Their Healing Limb

Classic Rooke® Boot for Practices, Hospitals
and Clinics

Classic Rooke Boot
Classic Rooke Boot

X-Small (Men’s 3-6.6; Women’s 5-8.5)
Small (Men’s 7-8.5; Women’s 9-10.5)
Medium (Men’s 9-11; Women’s 11-13)
Large (Men’s 11.5-13; Women’s 13.5+)

The Classic Rooke off-loading boot is designed to completely surround the foot, heel and calf, insulating and protecting your patients’ healing limb and preventing pressure ulcers. The boot is ideal for patients being treated for ischemia, neuropathy or other related conditions.

Reasons for wearing:

The Classic Rooke Boot helps to:

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