Rooke Products for Practices, Hospitals and Clinics

Rooke® Heel Float System™ BootRooke® Boot HFS

The Rooke HFS offloading boot combines maximum protection, warmth and comfort with our unique Heal Float System, favored by vascular surgeons.

Rooke HFS Boot Details

Rooke® Breeze BootRooke® Boot Breeze

A modified version of the Rooke HFS Boot, the Rooke Breeze, uses unique built-in “wings” to prevent foot drop, while featuring an arier design for the wound care environment.

Rooke Breeze Boot Details

Rooke® Soft AFO™ BootRooke® Soft AFO Boot

The Rooke Soft AFO Boot uses the popular Rooke HFS boot, but uses a malleable foam covered aluminum piece inserted into the specially fabricated pocket, allowing for the ultimate in foot drop prevention and heel offloading.

Rooke Soft AFO Boot Details

Classic Rooke® BootClassic Rooke® Boot

The Classic Rooke off-loading boot is designed to completely surround the foot, heel and calf, insulating and protecting your patients’ healing limb and preventing pressure ulcers. The boot is ideal for patients being treated for ischemia, neuropathy or other related conditions.

Classic Rooke Boot Details

Rooke BK Rigid ProtectorRooke® Rigid Protector with Soft Interface

The Rooke® Below-Knee amputee stump protector is a perfect choice for the surgeon treating a below knee amputation. It maintains the limb in a secure yet neutral, extended position to reduce the risk of flexion contracture, while keeping the limb warm and protected.

Rooke BK Rigid Protector Details

Rooke® MittRooke® Mitt

The Rooke Mitt is designed to keep patients’ hand warm, increasing their vasodialation in the hand and fingers.

Rooke Mitt Details

Rooke® Heel Float System™ Accessory PackRooke® Heel Float System Accessory Pack

The Rooke HFS Accessory Pack includes an anti-rotation wedge and foot drop strap to be used with the Rooke HFS offloading boot. This pack can be sold per-each or in a case
of 10.

Rooke HFS Accessory Pack Details