About Us

Committed to Creating Rooke® Boots and Products that Protect and Aid in Healing Affected Limbs

Rooke® Product Quality and Production

Over the nearly 25 years of producing Rooke Boots, we have strived to continually improve the materials that we use in constructing these very special patient care items.

Classic Rooke BootThe cream-colored pile fabric (synthetic sheep-skin) has evolved over time with much iteration to achieve what we have today: a very lofty fabric, yet the softest interface we have ever used.

We constantly roll edges and hide seams so as to never harm a patient’s skin. We add just the right kind of foam in the right place to achieve the best pressure mapping in the industry.

And do we know foam! We use open cell, closed cell, dense and memory foams in our signature Rooke Boot, the HFS, and our recently introduced, the Rooke Breeze.

Our boots are hand-sewn to ensure the highest attention to detail, and then are hand-inspected two different times to guarantee that the product is safe and approved for patient care.

The Rooke Boot line has a long history of excellence with the greatest vascular surgeons worldwide, and now we are becoming the boots of choice for those battling wound care issues in hospitals everywhere, as well as offering a choice to those needing a soft yet strong support wrap for amputation patients.

We will continually strive to be the smartest choice for all of those needing a warm and safe environment to protect and aid in healing affected limbs.

Find out more about any of the Rooke® products, or contact Osborn Medical directly at (303)223-1800