About Us

Osborn Medical Corporation
and Rooke Product History

Rooke® Boots and Products Have Been the Choice of Vascular Surgeons and Medical Professionals for More Than 20 Years


Osborn Medical was started with the development and sale of the Classic Rooke Boot and shortly thereafter, the Rooke Perioperative Boot


During the 1990s Osborn explored different formats for delivering optimal protection for vascular patients by developing our first AFO, the Polar Bear and later in early 2000s the P.A.D. Boot, both of these products have lead to the development and introduction of our current line of new products.


The Rooke Mitt, a product for patients suffering from Reynaud’s disease, digit amputation, arthritis, or other and conditions, offering a warm and protective product for clinical or home setting


The Heel Float System (HFS) concept was introduced. Taking the best of the previous 20 years we developed and introduced the Rooke HFS Boot, taking the warmth and protection of our Classic Rooke Boot, and drastically improving the heel offloading and introducing a one-size-fits-all product


The Rooke Soft AFO, using the HFS boot but inserting a metal splint to provide the ultimate in offloading and foot-drop prevention


The Rooke Below Knee Protector with Soft Interface, providing superior protection and comfort for immediate use after a below-knee amputation


The Rooke Breeze, taking the ideas of the HFS boot and creating a “light” version of the boot allowing for cooler temperatures of the foot and built-in foot-drop protection

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