About Us

We are Dedicated to Creating Innovations in the Area of Limb Care and Protection


Osborn MedicalOsborn Medical was born in the early halls of the Mayo Clinic’s Vascular Medicine unit in 1986, directed by a young resident, Dr. Thom Rooke, to bring to a line of products with the same dedication to patient care that had been created decades earlier by the pioneers of Vascular Surgery.

Over the years we have taken that early dedication and continue to strive to offer hospital-bound patients that same level of care. Each day we continue to work on innovations in the area of limb care and protection to ensure we are striving to meet the needs of physicians and their patients.


Today we have four separate patent applications in-process, which will allow us to continually offer our caregivers choices of excellence in the area of Wound Care, Post-op Care, and Post Discharge Care to their patients. We take all feedback to heart and seek to ever improve our products to meet the high standards set forth by the medical industry, while keeping the patients comfort and compliance at the forefront of our designs.


Osborn Medical works directly with physicians, nurses, caregivers, and the patients themselves.Osborn Medical works directly with physicians, nurses, caregivers, and the patients themselves. Our primary area of customer service is with tertiary care hospitals, as well as smaller specialty hospitals. We also offer our products directly to patients through our web site shopping cart.

We have always prided ourselves with getting products to our customers with on time delivery through our various relationships with the nation’s leading shipping providers. We always answer our phones personally and will work our hardest to ensure the complete satisfaction of hospitals, shops, nursing facilities, and patients.

Osborn Medical Corporation Executives

Bill Davis President and CEO

Bill assisted Julie Osborn Rooke in the early years as she launched this company in the late 1980′s with the Rooke Boot Classic, a design idea of friend, Dr. Thom Rooke. Bill became the sole owner in 1991. Over the years Bill has fostered the innovation and development of many new products in the Rooke line; and in 2011 spun off its Vascular Medicine diagnostic line to Advanze Cardio Systems. Today the Rooke line of protective limb devices is still the industry leader as the need for these devices is becoming the norm in hospitals, worldwide.

Keith Walli-Ware Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Keith joined Osborn medical in Jan 2000. To date, his background covers 29 years of specialty medical sales that have had an emphasis in vascular & cardiac procedures. With his energies in Osborn Medical, he’s been able to establish a strong clinical database & scientific justification that Rooke Boots & Rooke products enhance perfusion to ischemic extremities. This has a significant clinical impact for vascular & wound care professions as they manage patients with diabetes and peripheral vascular disease.

Ian MacDonald COO

Ian came to Osborn Medical in 2011, after a career in public accounting. Ian works to guarantee the ultimate quality of Rooke products and services, while maintaining the overall operation of Osborn Medical’s offices and manufacturing facilities. Ian leads the company into the future, working to achieve the goals and opportunities put forth by the medical industry.

Find out more about any of the Rooke® products, or contact Osborn Medical directly at (303) 223-1800